Curriculum Vitae: Kelsey Hamer

I’m an innovative self starter and hard-working problem solver, competent with design plus detail work. I am quick on my feet and good in new situations.

I have solid academic and technical foundations and have experience delivering products across multiple industries. I am enthusiastic and easy to get along with.

I possess a rich understanding of industry best practices due to my integral involvement in every phase of the software development cycle. I excel at collaborating with clients and colleagues.

Technical Acumen

6 years of Agile development


Rapid Application Design (RAD), test driven development, best programming practices, profiling, refactoring, bug tracking (Bugzilla, Jira), continuous builds (Continuum, FishEye), version control (CVS, SVN), unit testing (jUnit), automated GUI testing (selenium). Online collaboration tools: Wiki (Confluence), Skype, Google Docs/Calendar, etc

10+ years of Java programming experience


Dependency Injection, Aspect Oriented Programming (AOP),  threading and synchronization.  Spring, Hibernate (XML and annotation based configuration), Eclipse, Maven, JavaSpaces  (GigaSpaces), search (Lucene/Compass), scheduling (quartz), web services (spring ws), security (acigi),  Logging (log4J), Spring MVC: Servlets, JSP, Applets, HTML5, CSS3, XML, XLS, JSON
JavaScript - JQuery, Prototype,
Scriptaculous, Yui, ExtJs, MooTools, NodeJs

6 years of
maintaining a


Linux (CentOS, Ubuntu, Desbian, Redhat), command line scripting (Perl, Bash), Network configuration (Apache/Tomcat/Jetty, Proxy, Firewall). Relational database design administration. 6 years MySql:  master master replication,load balancing, caching, Maakit tools: table checksum, de-normalizing tables and native queries for performance, heartbeat monitor and fail-over for redundancy/reliability

10+ years of Object Oriented Design
and Analysis


Technical requirement gathering, Use and Test Case Scenarios, UML Data Modeling, Model driven design (Andromada, Magic Draw,Rational Rose), Design Patterns and Anti-Patterns, SOLID best practices

Work Experience

GrinOne Solutions                                                                                    2011 January -  Current

Developed an ESL (IETLS) training website for Aly English School. Rapidly developed in Wordpress using plugins (S2Member, Gravity Forms, GrandFlv, HyperCache, qTranlate). Created a custom plugin to deliver and administer video and audio based quiz content (Youtube iframe API and server side video/audio hosting). Set up PayPal processing and advertising from google (Adsense/Analytics). Provided hosting and domain name services.

Helped developers in India set up a proof of concept prototype (JQuery/Ajax web client to server side Java) with Vancouver based web consultant TrainMachine.  Used Matt Raible’s Appfuse framework to jump start project.  Configured AppFuse with DWR so jQuery UI objects could make direct calls to exposed server side java methods.  

UBC (Pavlidis lab): Senior programmer & lab manager                2006 June –  2010 June

Lead developer on Gemma project (a tool for genetic expression meta analysis).  Released five iterations of the web service, the last version was a completely overhauled backend (migration from spring/hibernate XML configuration to using spring annotations). Gemma's mySQL DB was about a terabyte in size which we replicated across multiple servers. Access to the the database is provided by the HTML 5 ajaxified website (spring MVC, Ext, DWR), web services (SpringWs), and a command line interface (via groovy and custom built CLI tools).  Maintained Java to R bridge and helped create custom R scripts for data analysis.  Created batch uploading and annotation tools for inputting data into the system.  Incorporated data from other genomic web services (Gene Ontology, Allan Brain Atlas) and coordinated with other websites to help them incorporate our data.

Scrutinized and made final recommendations on over a million dollars worth of vendor bids for the constructing of a server room. Collaborated with UBC bureaucracy and did due diligence with other groups having similar experiences. Played a key role in choosing a location, design and purchasing the required computer hardware (DB machines and compute servers). Responsible for for all other lab purchases (from books to laptops).

VerbX Inc                                                                                        2005 December – 2006 June

Hired to determine the reasons for the unreliability and efficiency issues VerbX's Internet services were experiencing . They had recently let go their entire technical staff and their technology was in a complete state of disarray. I was required to quickly assess the current state their technology before I was able to get to the heart of solving the technical issues at hand.

Cadium Systems Inc                                                                                1998 May – 2001 June

Was a partner in a small java telephony consulting firm. Took several telephony projects through the entire life cycle. Collaborated with technicians to define the functional specification and do high and low level design. Was an impartial technical liaison for due diligence services. Project management and Quality Assurance services were also rendered. Helped create a business plan for the release of Cadium’s VoIP unified voicemail telephone broadcasting service. Played a vital roll in the design, implementation, launching and maintenance of the system.  Specifically I was in charge of the security, calling algorithms, call handling and scheduling, logging and tracking, remote management control (RMI), UI design, web design, bug tracking and updates.

MPR Teltech                                                                                    1997 January – 1998 January

MPR was a R&D lab for several major American phone companies (Bell, GTE, AT&T).  Worked as a member of a design team to do research on automating telephone analysis procedures. Tasks included the mathematical analysis (best/worse case theoretical limits) and library implementations and improvements for searching and encryption. Supported and upgraded a parsing/compiling program for creating new rules in the legacy telephone analysis system. 

Formal Education

2003 – 2005: Studied Mandarin at a variety of different accredited institutions in Beijing, China.

1998: Graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Science (BaSc). Specialized in theoretical Computer Science (Network and Graph Theory) and Applied Mathematics (Encryption and Security).


K L C at
707 574 8760

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