Proven information technology solutions to help power breakthrough innovations for the biotechnological 

There has been a dramatic evolution in sequencing science over the last decade.  The first human genome was fully sequenced in 2000 for over $1B USD.  However, today we are on the verge of high resolution sequencing a cost of less than $1K per genome.  Genomic data is an enormously influential input in a wide range of areas including finding new drug targets, understanding virus, and crime investigations.  

Bioinformatics is the solutions to the problem of Big Genomic Data. It offers indispensable techniques for function assignment and is widely used for gene annotation. As genomic experiments have broadened the bioinformatics has continuously evolved new analytical technologies and required increasing computational capability. As we approach the "$1K Genome", the cost of analysing, storing and sharing this raw digital data has far outpaced the cost of production.  This data analysis bottleneck is a key obstacle standing between these ever-growing raw data and the real insight we seek from it.

GrinOne Solutions was founded to solve this bottleneck. Our goal at GrinOne Solutions is to accelerate the creation of knowledge from data. We build solutions designed to handle the heavy lifting of computation and data analysis for our customers, allowing them to focus on their breakthrough innovations.

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"ENCODE generated more than 15 trillion bytes of raw data and consumed the equivalent of more than 300 years of computer time to analyze. "